Politicians for the sake of democracy must reject 11%

The independent body IPSA in charge of the scale of pay politicians receive have recommended that MP’s receive a pay increase of 11%, raising their wage to £74,000.

With public sector workers seeing another year of their pay frozen at 1% and many lower paid workers in the private sector also not receiving much of an increase, for MP’s to accept this offer would harm the very future of democracy.

How in an age of austerity, multiplying foodbanks and the growing use of pay day loan companies could a wage rise for politicians be justified? To accept the recommendation would result in even further political disillusionment amongst the population, increased public anger and the growth of ignorance and political extremes.

For some Tory backbenchers to be advocating this rise is nothing short of a national disgrace and proves where there real interests reside. Labour MP’s should also be scrutinised, if they too accept such a rise and then attempt to represent the most broken and dependent in society, then their morality will be more than questioned but contested.

Instead MP’s for the sake of democracy must reject the recommendation and for the first time, prove that they as we have done must personally accept what austerity is delivering. All this being said I hold little hope.

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